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With Katy Scherer 29 JUNE – 6 JULY

Katy Is the founder of The Vinyasa People and has been teaching yoga full time for the last 8 years in Germany and Internationally. Her Teaching style is intelligent, inclusive and detail orientated whilst promoting her students to find their own path within the practice.

Katy finds the blurred lines between tradition and modernity fascinating, scary, provocative and transformational. An Ashtanga at heart she finds comfort and support within the traditions of the practice, completing 3 months of study in Mysore under Sharath Jois where she received the blessing and honour of authorisation from her teacher to share Ashtanga yoga.

When it comes to breathwork and pranayama it’s a different story. After years of traditional practice she shook things up and dove head first into the world of breathwork where she experienced the life altering power of breath!

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Price starts at 1150€


With Katy Scherer 6-13 JULY

I love to blur the lines between tradition and modernity and find it fascinating, scary, provocative and transformational! An Ashtangi at heart I find comfort and support within the traditions of the practice, completing 5 months of study in Mysore under Sharath Jois and gaining his blessing to teach in 2022 where I received my authorisation.

I whole heartedly believes there is beauty in combining tradition with modernity to create a practice that serves you so you can serve others. As a dedicated practitioner, teacher, business owner, mama and wife I understands the true meaning of flexibility and likes to share the lessons I has learnt to all willing to try.

Price starts at 1150€


AUGUST 24-31

Tone will bookend the days with a yoga practice morning and night, with the option of a functional fitness session during the daytime. Her classes are lively vinyasa flow style, often accompanied by great music to get you moving.

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Each day will begin with a morning class of meditation, pranayama, somatic movements, chanting and asana. The afternoon class will be a more restorative class to delve deeper into the postures. Between yoga classes there will be the chance to explore the surroundings or simply relax.

I put my sensitivity as a teacher down to a strong one-to-one approach. My teaching philosophy is – ‘adapt yoga to the individual rather than the individual to yoga’. This enables students to explore postures in greater depth and work on individual areas of resistance, alignment and practice. I place a strong emphasis on right and skillful action during postures.

I aim to provide a safe and nurturing environment, allowing my students to develop their own understanding of yoga and to facilitate positive change. I believe one of yoga’s greatest gifts is to work and heal from the inside, helping our minds to become more calm and opening our hearts to compassion and a positive attitude. As in all physical yoga, the student will increase strength and flexibility and by uniting body and breath, will learn to move from moment to moment with absolute awareness.

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Price from 1105€ per person



A Yoga & Yoga Nidra Retreat with Emily Wright


An immersion into the wisdom of the body, deep rest and nature to soothe our nervous systems, brighten our creative force and connect to heartfelt community.

Each day will include morning practices of yoga asana, dynamic movement and deep breathing, and evening practices of restorative yoga and yoga nidra, designed to interconnect and build over the week. The schedule will unfold at a slow, relaxed pace with plenty of space for walks in nature, saying hello to the horses and lounging by the pool.

Through it all, this special experience will unfold as a deep dive into the essence of harmony, and how it can be deeply felt in our lives and far beyond our time together.


with Andrew Wrenn and Francesca


Give yourself the time and the opportunity to explore and experience the gifts of Yoga.

This retreat includes traditions passed down, practiced and shared over the years. We will begin our days with an early morning meditation, followed by a unique blend of pranayama and Krya.

We will practice the asana practice in the late morning – including alignment based postures and fluid free movements, to energise, restore and rebalance.

The afternoon practice begins with a catch up and time ask questions of all that arises, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Followed by afternoon asana and somatic movement.

Andrew and Francesca have both been teaching yoga for over 20 years and have been leading retreats all over the world for the past 15 years.

Prices from 1150€

Coming soon in 2025…

Yoga and Walking 

with Clive Fogelman 

10-17th May

More info coming soon…

Yoga and Sound 

With Ida and Marieke

17-24th May


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Yoga Retreat 

With Alison Henning

7-14th June


More info coming soon…

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