finca el moro

where the world is quiet.

about us

In 1973 just before Franco died when Spain was a very different country Hermione, aged 17, spent a year in Seville. In June at Pentecost she joined thousands of people on horseback and in bullock carts making the 3 day pilgrimage to the Virgen del Rocio in the wild salt marshes of the Coto Doñana. It was to make a lasting impression. In 1979 she met Nick and they spent the next 10 years working in Africa and the Highlands of Scotland but always she dreamt of returning to Andalucia and El Rocio. Finally they sold up, packed their belongings into an old Land Rover, and set off to Spain to find a farm and make a life. 30 years later they are still at Finca El Moro, the hill farm 3 kms down a rough track they first found in Andalucia. Soon after a second pilgrimage to Rocio, Daisy was born and the farm became her home too. After 30 years at Finca El Moro farming cork, sweet chestnuts and olives and welcoming guests to ride, walk and take yoga holidays, Daisy has taken over from Mum and Dad and we hope this quiet valley high in the hills of Southern Spain will look after her as it has looked after us.

"Undistorted by city lights, the sky above Finca el Moro was an effulgent canopy of stars. Having begun the journey with a soaring heart, now I felt like pounding my chest with pleasure."
Paul Mansfield – The Telegraph

"Within a day of arriving, we find that we don't want to move far. We'd rather stay put, freshly shucked of the hassles of home, warm and lazy and longing to swap lives with the Tudors."
Mimi Spencer – The Guardian