Food at Finca el Moro



Food plays a very important part in our lives at Finca el Moro, we farm organically and produce most of our own fruit and vegetables.

We spend a lot of time growing it, harvesting it and preserving it, to finally take great pleasure in cooking it and serving it to our guests.

We offer a three course meal on the Cortijo terrace at least twice a week


25€ per person excluding wine

Drinks available from the Farm Shop

The Farm Shop


During your stay at Finca el Moro the Farm Shop will be stocked up with all of our fresh produce and the essentials

Everything from seasonal vegetables from the garden, eggs, our own olive oil, jams, marmalades and bottled fruit

We also stock wine, beer and fizzies and the freezer with local meats and home made tapas so you don’t have to leave the farm if you don’t want to!

“The superb Spanish dinners were eaten on the terrace to the sound of nightingales and water trickling into the farm’s spring-fed swimming pool… “

Juliet Clough – Daily Mail